A simple JSON endpoint API that supports GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE operations.
Feel free to use it for hobby and open source projects (that's what I do).

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Anyone can read, write, and delete JSON data from any endpoint, there is no authentication or authorization. It's encouraged that you make part of the pathname unique to avoid collisions.

The URL pathname is used as the key in the key-value store. The key is case sensitive and trailing slashes are not ignored.

The endpoints in the docs below contains a uniquely generated slug that you can use to test with.

GET – Read data

To read data from an endpoint use any HTTP client to issue a GET request.

$ curl https://jsonendpoint.com/my-unique/endpoint/

// 200 response if data is found at the endpoint:
→ { "value": 42 }

// 404 response if no data has been written to the endpoint:
→ { "message": "Not Found" }

POST / PUT – Write data

To write data to an endpoint you must issue a POST or PUT request. Upon a successful write, the API will return an empty JSON response with http code 200.

Any data that already exists at the endpoint will be overwritten.

$ curl https://jsonendpoint.com/my-unique/endpoint/ \
  --request POST \
  --data '{ "value": 42 }'

// 200 response if the write was successful:
→ {}

DELETE – Delete data

To delete data at an endpoint you must issue a DELETE request. Upon successful deletion, the API will return an empty JSON response with http code 200.

The delete operation will still succeed even if no data exists at the endpoint.

$ curl https://jsonendpoint.com/my-unique/endpoint/ \
  --request DELETE

// 200 response if the deletion was successful:
→ {}


If an error occurs, for example if you fail to provide a valid JSON payload for the POST or PUT operations, the request will fail with http code 400 bad request:

$ curl https://jsonendpoint.com/my-unique/endpoint/ \
  --request POST

// 400 if json payload is missing or invalid:
→ { "message": "Bad Request" }

Want to self-host?

You can create your own version of jsonendpoint.com by using the open source code available at github.com/henrikhaugboelle/jsonendpoint. Follow the instructions in the repository to get your own simple JSON endpoint API up and running.

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